Increasing competition, increasing user expectations, shortage of personnel on the market requires continuous adaptation in different segments of the business operations: it is often necessary to look outside the company for a suitable support and trusted partner to compensate for lack of time, resources or competences.

Externalis Savjetovanje d.o.o. was founded as a response to the growing needs of entities in Croatia to ensure their further business growth and achieving business and strategic objectives in an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

We focus on providing a wide range of personalized services and tailor-made financial and business advisory solutions which are innovative and sustainable to help clients through change and transformation and to deliver maximum value to the business and its owners. In partnership with our clients and using our extensive knowledge and experience, we ensure each project delivers the right solutions to meet the strategic targets of the business.


Our mission is to support our clients in achieving their operational and strategic objectives, while operating in an increasingly complex and competitive environment, supporting them through a wide range of sustainable personalized services and tailor-made solutions.


To be recognized as a trusted partner of quality financial and business advisory services, provider of solutions which enable the clients grow their business.

Nikola Smolčić

Nikola gains extensive experience in the audit sector working for Deloitte Hrvatska, leading audits from the financial sector (focus on banks, investment funds and leasing companies), real estate, oil and gas, agriculture, shipping, pharmaceutical sector, event industry and hotel sector. After almost 10 years spent in audit, Nikola continues his career in the private health sector, working in management positions in two health service providers, while the last position was the director of CO Zdravlje, the company that leads the strategic and financial management of Croatia Polyclinic, driving growth through operational transformation of the existing business as well as through business expansion.

He continues his career through the company Externalis Savjetovanje, where he transfers his knowledge and experience, as well as his desire to achieve exceptional business results and problem solving, to clients from various sectors of the economy.

Nikola is also a member of the ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants), in addition to the constant education he attends.

In addition to internal expertise and competence, our partners/subcontractors have many years of experience and extensive technical expertise in complex projects and cover many areas from marketing, law, tax, EU funds, project management, etc.